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£337 Million Divorce award "The biggest possible advertisement for pre-nups" says Solicitor

Commenting on the £337m award made to Jamie Cooper-Hohn in the High Court, Victoria Richardson, family partner with McHale and Co, with offices in celebrity and high personal worth residential hotspots Altrincham, Cheshire, and Berkeley Square, London, said:

"This is probably the biggest possible advertisement for seeing through the romantic rose-tinted haze when people with huge fortunes marry. The issue is not necessarily the actual award, but the enormous amount of time and money wasted and spent in argument when a simple document could have been put in place.

"Regardless of the value of assets involved at the time of marriage, it's worth getting a pre-nuptial agreement together - even if the couple themselves don't personally go anywhere near the drafting of the document, but have it produced by appropriate professional advisers to be simply signed."

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