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If you haven’t done it for some time can I suggest that it may be time to review your Will.

“Will”: the very word gives away the problem with challenging the validity of one. The document represents the will of the testator as to how they wish their estate to be distributed and to whom.

Losing a loved one can be very painful and traumatic. Dealing with their financial affairs may also prove to be a challenging process. If you are appointed as an executor of a Will, you have a lot of responsibilities.

Following the recent press reports on gifts made to David Cameron from his mother, the issue of inheritance tax (IHT) once again finds itself under the political spotlight. Coupled with the announcement of a record take of IHT (£4.6 Billion) in the l…

In the vast majority of cases our loved ones make straight forward wills which leave their assets to their children, close relatives and dependants. There is therefore, most of the time, no issue in respect of questioning and challenging how a will d…

Most people are aware of the importance of making a Will to deal with your physical assets; however the shift in cultural behaviour and the increasing reliance on the digital world has not yet been reflected in the Private Client sector.

A recent High Court case gave us yet another insight into how disputes in bereaved families are tragically common. An eleven day, bitterly contested probate dispute between two brothers came to its climax in the recent months.

One of the more frequent questions I receive from clients is about how to access a family member’s money when they are concerned that they no longer have mental capacity. The money is generally required to ensure their relative receives the best car…

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