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In recognition of Dementia Action week and following the announcement of Barbara Windsor’s Alzheimer diagnosis I thought I’d share my experiences and tips.

Very few people enjoy going to the dentist; the unpleasant drilling, the blinding fluorescent light and the embarrassing constant swallowing . Imagine having to spend extra hours in the chair because your dentist made a mistake during your treatment …

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Мария Удалова-Суркова, руководитель коммерческого отдела «McHale & Co» с головным офисом в Альтрингеме, успешно завершила сделку по приобретению здания «Сити Эдж» в Бирмингеме стоимостью 10,6 млн фунтов для частного российского покупателя.

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An online poll has revealed that more than 50 per cent of people have never revised their will following changes in circumstances, putting their assets at risk after death. Creating a will provides you with the opportunity to make a judgement over …

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Government Owes Millions from Lasting Powers of Attorney

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On 6 April 2017 the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the long-awaited case involving Jon Platt and the Isle of Wight Council (“the Council”), bringing to an end Mr Platt’s battle over his refusal to pay a fine for taking his daughter out of …

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В последние месяцы наблюдается значительный рост заинтересованности наших клиентов как в коммерческой, так и жилой недвижимости в Северо-Западном регионе.

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