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A recent article in the Law Society Gazette shows that the trend for litigants in person is not only exclusive to small claims in the civil courts or contact disputes in the family courts, but has now infiltrated the realm of the criminal justice sys…

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With the availability of legal aid becoming ever more limited, defendants in criminal proceedings are being faced with the choice of whether to go it alone in court or pay privately.

A recent case in the news concerning a parent who managed to get a £120 fine for taking his daughter on holiday during term time overturned has once again thrown the policy of prosecuting otherwise law-abiding parents into the spotlight.

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The recent announcement by the government not to move ahead with plans to introduce an offence of ‘failure to prevent economic crime’ (Law Society Gazette 30th September 2015) has provoked divided opinions.

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The latest blow to solicitors who undertake Criminal Legal Aid is yet another strike at the system of criminal justice in England and Wales.

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The new school year has barely got underway with a story about a boy ‘sexting’ a female peer hitting the headlines recently.

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The innocuously named “Deregulation Bill” has travelled the usual legislative path from the House of Commons to the House of Lords and back again. Both houses have now agreed its content and is awaiting Royal Assent by the Queen.

I was going to pass-up on the opportunity of adding to what has been written about the Luis Suarez incident, but feel that there is one area that has not been focused on really: the quality of advice that he has been given.

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