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Many consumers who have been mis-sold hedging products previously thought that they could not make a claim because they were out of time.

We were instructed by a Chinese restaurant, who was sold an Interest Rate Hedging Product by one of the four major banks.

We have been complaining for some time about the mechanics of the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) Review.

“Caps”, although always not right for customers are the most “friendly” type of Interest Rate Hedging Product. Rather than fixing the rate of interest, as in the case of a “Swap”, the most common type of product, a customer who purchased a Cap benef…

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We have now dealt with cases, which have gone through the FCA Review process, for over 100 clients.

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We have recently helped a client with an Interest Rate Swap miss selling case. They had taken part in the Review unrepresented and achieved a poor result.

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It seems clear to me now that, having submitted a good many Consequential losses claims for the victims of Interest Rate miss selling, that the banks are effectively applying a policy of refusing to pay any such losses.

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Misselling is a relatively new term. It prominently derives from the banks selling products such as interest rate swaps, PPI and investments in the last ten years or so.

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