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Many consumers who have been mis-sold hedging products previously thought that they could not make a claim because they were out of time.

We were instructed by a Chinese restaurant, who was sold an Interest Rate Hedging Product by one of the four major banks.

We have been complaining for some time about the mechanics of the Financial Conduct Authority (‘FCA’) Review.

RBS announced on 15 January 2015 that it had reviewed a sample of its sale of Enterprise Finance Guarantee (‘EFG’) loans to small businesses.

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Further to our Justice in the end blog, follow the link below to see our mention in The Times

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We are delighted that the Supreme Court has overturned the poor decision in our PPI case of Harrison v Blackhorse.

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BBC’s Panorama programme last night and a report by Channel 4 news on Sunday (in which one of my clients was featured) has put the misselling of interest rate hedging products back in the spotlight,

One of our clients has recently had a “review update” from Barclays and I think it is worth sharing some of my thoughts on it. Firstly I am very encouraged by it. They are certainly on the right tracks and I believe that with the appropriate help a…

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