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Altrincham Solicitor celebrates 15 years at the top

Malcolm Horner, Head of Personal Injury at McHale and Co solicitors, Altrincham, has just been reappointed Fellow of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Solicitors) for the 15th consecutive year. Out of more than 100,000 solicitors, he is one of less than 200 solicitors to attain this status.

Malcolm was born and grew up in Timperley, attended Heyes Lane Primary School and then Manchester Grammar School. He then went to Manchester Grammar School where he studied Law as an option before deciding to take a Law degree at Nottingham University where he attained LLB Honours. He then practiced in 3 leading Manchester firms as a partner before deciding to move back nearer home this year for hopefully the remainder of his career.

When he first qualified as a solicitor Malcolm Practiced as a criminal advocate representing clients at courts throughout the North West and further afield. Then in 1986 the senior partner of his first firm left to become a judge and Malcolm was asked to take over a workload of nearly 200 files. It was sink or swim time, switching disciplines and taking over such a heavyweight workload. Malcolm worked very long hours and gained in confidence quickly, working closely with some of top barristers in Manchester.

Malcolm then moved to another major firm which had 10 branch offices throughout Greater Manchester and held fortnightly surgeries at each of them to attract work. The department grew 500% in 10 years.

Malcolm was also a co-founder member of IL4U (Injury Lawyers for you) and was also appointed a panel solicitor for one of the large Unions as well as National Accident Helpline and the new Claims Direct.

Malcolm, has throughout his career, enjoyed training up approximately 100 young solicitors into becoming top personal injury solicitors , many of them becoming partners and prominent solicitors at other practices in Manchester , London and elsewhere.

Malcolm has progressed by sheer hard work and ability to communicate with his clients.

He says 'I have been very lucky to chose a career which I have enjoyed immensely and been able to make a difference to the lives of many families. When somebody is involved in a serious accident, it not only affects them but the rest of their family. On some of the larger cases I have been able to obtain substantial interim payments to fund the purchase of suitably adapted accommodation and/or a fully supportive care regime and then when the case finally settles adequate/ generous income for the remainder of their lives. To be able to do this has given me great pleasure. I have been involved in various noteworthy cases some of which have gone to The Court of Appeal in London which have resulted in exciting days out starting with the 6am train from Piccadilly Manchester.

I was also on the sub committee within APIL which helped introduce CFA's (no win –no fee) agreements in 1995 and then lectured throughout the North West on the new rules brought in by Lord Woolf in 1999(CPR) . It was very daunting to give a lecture to 180 lawyers (solicitors, barristers and judges!) about the start of the new process but fortunately none of them asked any difficult questions probably because the new scheme was new to all of us!

I have also gone round the CAB's in the Greater Manchester area giving talks to their volunteers and thereby spreading the gospel.

I now wish to finish the last 10 years of my career in Altrincham where my wife of 30 years is a teacher at Altrincham C of E Primary School. My son Adam is also solicitor at McHale and Co, in Altrincham. Adam and I are lucky to be working with McHale and Co as it is a thriving practice with specialists in most areas of the law and situated opposite the multi storey car park and close to the side entrance of Marks and Spencer's. It is very handy for most of our clients. I hope to enjoy the last 10 years of my career , not least because I am able to walk to and from work!'

Malcolm would welcome any prospective clients to get in touch by calling McHale and Co on 0161 928 3848.

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