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Andy Murray and Kim Sears: It may be love-all, but get a pre-nup pre-match says Solicitor

It may be love-all for newly-engaged Andy Murray and Kim Sears, but neither wants to get advantage if it gets to mismatch point - so get a pre-nup, says a family solicitor.

Victoria Richardson, family partner with McHale and Co, with offices in celebrity and high personal worth residential hotspots Altrincham, Cheshire, and Berkeley Square, London, said:

"They've been together for a while, and there's certainly an aura of permanency about it, but I'd urge anybody with any extent of assets - whether sporting superstar or successful local entrepreneur - to get a pre-nuptial agreement signed up.

"It may seem like a negative at a happy time, but it can actually be of great comfort if you know in your heart - and head - that it's an unbreakable relationship.

"It's certainly worth getting a pre-nuptial agreement together - even if they each don't personally go anywhere near the drafting of the document, but have it produced by appropriate professional advisers.

"If anything goes wrong and things get acrimonious in a high-value marriage, then a pre-nup is one of those things you'll be glad you saw through the rose-tinted haze of blind love."

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