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Being a Landlord only pays if your rent is being paid!!!!

At McHale and Co we appreciate that that the perception of 'rich' landlord and that of 'poor' tenant is one that is very much so outdated and we understand that for many private landlords their priority is to ensure that their investment property is protected as well as their rental income.

Thankfully, the majority of landlords will be lucky enough to have never encountered a troublesome tenant, unfortunately there are landlords out there who have suffered great financial losses when coming across a troublesome tenant.

Unfortunately, many landlords place a large amount of trust in their tenants and this trust can ultimately come back to bite the landlord as a tenant may abuse this trust by failing to pay their rent or indeed damaging the landlord's property.

When a tenant refuses to pay their rent arrears can begin to build up extremely quickly leaving many landlords struggling to service any mortgage which their property may be subject to.

Whilst, it may be tempting to want to believe a tenant's promises that the rent 'will be paid next week' we would urge that a landlord take swift action by way of following the appropriate legal steps to enable them to evict the tenant from the property should they fail to keep their promise to pay their rent.

Evicting a tenant from a property is a process which can be fraught with danger as many tenants are now more savvy with regards to their rights and therefore, any small mistake on any paperwork maybe seized upon by the tenant or indeed by the Court. Any such mistake could set you back months in recovering possession of your property and thousands of pounds in missed rent.

Our specialist Housing Team is committed to providing our landlords with pragmatic and cost effective advice when it comes to obtaining possession of their property. We offer a fixed fee structure to enable our landlords to be able to have a realistic expectation as to potential costs of any action we may take on your behalf.

Our Housing Team is happy to advise upon:

  • Preparation of tenancy agreements;
  • Serving notices seeking possession;
  • Possession and eviction proceedings;
  • Recovery of rent arrears;
  • Proceedings for unlawful eviction; and
  • Claims for failing to comply with landlord's duties under a Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

We offer a fixed fee 30 minute initial interview for the price of £50.00 plus VAT.

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