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Case Study: £30,000+ Claimed as We Prove Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare

We have successfully acted for a client whose mother sadly passed away 2 years ago. Our client was always concerned as to whether or not her mother's care should have been funded by NHS continuing healthcare.

Our client instructed us, we obtained all of the relevant documents including medical records and, importantly, the assessments carried out to determine whether or not NHS continuing healthcare funding should be provided.

Upon obtaining these, we instructed an expert to provide their opinion as to the specific tests applied to determine whether or not healthcare should be funded.

The trust determined that healthcare funding should not have been provided. We therefore appealed their decision to the CCG and attended a panel meeting and made submissions on behalf of our client in respect of the various tests.

This resulted in a successful outcome and our client recovered over £30,000 in respect of care home fees.

The rules have now changed which means that you could only review care home fees in respect of the last 6 months. Therefore, it is important to act quickly and from the start of a friend or relative going into care in order to avoid not being able to make a claim.

If you require assistance or are currently in the midst of a challenge in respect of continuing healthcare, please contact us for a free consultation on 0161 928 3848 or by email at

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