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Divorce No Longer a Stigma in Modern Society, Our Research Finds

Unfortunately it's become all too common to hear about a couple getting a divorce - whether they are friends, family or even celebrities - and it can sometimes seem as if the majority of marriages end up failing. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, an estimated 42% of marriages in England and Wales end in divorce… so, not far off the majority. 

With divorce being so rife nowadays, we wanted to find out how people feel about the process. Are divorcing couples going to be judged negatively by the rest of society for their actions? Do divorcing couples need to feel shameful about it, as many will have done in previous decades? After all, as recently as March 2014, another survey by Slater & Gordon found 46% of those who do divorce feel like they face daily judgment because their marriage has failed.

But should they feel like that? Well, thanks to a recent survey that we carried out, we found the answer to be a resounding 'no'. 

According to our data, 51% of the respondents either disagreed or strongly disagreed that divorce is still a stigma. Only 28% believed that divorce is something that should be deemed shameful. 

Our research also showed that 65% of all respondents know couples who are unhappily married but are still together. While part of this may be due to a fear of judgment, the biggest reason for not getting a divorce, according to those completing the survey, is a desire to stay together for the kids.

However, 41% of respondents say that they strongly disagree that it is better to remain in a 'toxic relationship' than get a divorce. What's more, 48% believe the married couples they know who have split up are happier now than when they were married. 

Those are the average figures, but what do divorced respondents to our survey think? Likely speaking from experience, more divorcees than the average - 57% - think the separated couples they know are happier now than when they were married. Also revealing was the fact that 57% chose the optimistic phrase 'a new start' as the best description of divorce.

In addition, 100% of all divorced respondents disagreed that it is better for the children if their parents remain in a toxic relationship than get a divorce.  

And finally, do those who have been through the experience of divorce feel that they have reason to be ashamed? Not at all - 70% of respondents completely disagree that divorce is a stigma in modern society.

What do you think about the results of our survey? Do you think getting a divorce is still a stigma? Or do you think it's better for people to end a marriage if they are not happy? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment below.

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