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Interest Rate Swaps - The Latest.

Here's the update on the story so far....

  1. As the Law Society Gazette  points out this week-solicitors could face negligence claims if they do not secure ATE insurance before the civil litigation reforms come in on the 1st April 2013.

  2. The reason for this is that clients are disadvantaged if they don’t engage with a solicitor and get ATE before the 1st April 2013.

  3. We have therefore got all of our clients on ATE.

  4. The banks are continuing to delay and just today we have had RBS telling one of our solicitors that they haven’t even started the review process and, yes, this is a direct quote , “the FSA have

    given us 12 months”.  So what was really a long stop date from the pilot review report has been seized upon by the banks and used as an excuse for not pulling their finger out. Sadly this is what I predicted in a previous blog.

  5. The banks have played a blinder here and appear to have the FSA right where they want them.

  6. The risk that people will not be able to seek justice because of falling foul of the 6 year Limitation Rule is very real and growing.

  7. People who have been miss sold need to  see a Solicitor on this as soon as possible 

  8. I remain amazed about the level of residual trust that people have in the institutions that ripped them off. Why people are taking comfort from the banks saying that they will get around to

    looking at this in their particular case is beyond me.

  9. ACT NOW! Contact us without delay!

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