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Is the true cost of a Will cheaper if you do it yourself?

I recently saw an advert for an online provider of Wills and it got me thinking about the true cost of a Will prepared by a Solicitor. Obviously I am an advocate of using a Solicitor but what makes our service different and what do you actually get for your money?

Having a bespoke will drafted by a Solicitor is not necessarily as expensive as you may think. We charge £160 plus VAT here at McHale & Co for a simple Will for one person. The service includes:

  • Personal attention from a qualified Solicitor who will apply their knowledge to your individual circumstances and often ask you to consider things you have never thought of.
  • Drafting of the will to meet your needs and an explanation of any relevant legal issues
  • Ensuring the Will is Executed in accordance with the law. Executed basically making sure that the Will is drafted and signed correctly so that when it is needed for Probate it can be presented effectively.
  • Storage – we store your Will for free and provide copies as required.
  • In addition, like all Solicitors firms we are insured and therefore you are protected by our Professional Indemnity Insurance policy.

What can go wrong with a DIY Will?

There are small things that can go wrong and much more major problems.

It may be that part of your estate would fall into Intestacy because one clause in the Will is incorrectly drafted. This would mean part of your estate would not go to the person you want to inherit. In other cases there could be an additional cost when the Will is presented to Probate and you would need to pay a Solicitor for advice for example a witness could be required to swear an affidavit of Due Execution.

This is without the major problem that if the will is not Executed correctly then it can purely and simply be invalid under the law in England and Wales.

I could also mention that it could be easier to challenge a Will if there are some beneficiaries missed out who think that they should inherit and mount a legal challenge, but I'll save that for another blog.

So although you will make a saving by doing it yourself on line, I am not sure that it is a true saving when you consider your own time taken to read the guidance, complete the details and more importantly the risk to you and your family of getting things wrong.

Call 0161 928 3848 and ask for Philippa, Vicky or John if you want some assistance with a Will.

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