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January Blues

Well, it is January, that's for sure. The season to be jolly is over and the January blues are upon us. Depending on the way you look at things of course, the proverbial glass could be half full or half empty. For many, January is a time for new starts, resolutions and positivity but for others, it is fatter bellies, leaner bank balances and trouble at home.

Unfortunately, trouble at home in January is not uncommon. It is certainly not abnormal to see an increase in people opting for divorce at the start of the year. Many couples experiencing problems which are beyond repair will stay together for the sake of their families over the festive period. In January, after 2 solid weeks of in-laws and spending far too much time together, the inevitable will undoubtedly occur. In recent years, difficult times caused by the state of the economy, terrible weather, money worries and unemployment often render divorce and separation unavoidable.

For those already divorced or separated, many have experienced problems over the holidays with not being able to see their children enough or indeed at all. Non-resident parents understandably wish to spend more time with their children and the contact arrangements which worked so well the rest of the year have become problematic due to countless parties, concerts and nativity plays. When contact issues arise, distress is inevitably caused to both children and parents, not least because the relationship, which may have been perfectly amicable between Mum and Dad, has now returned to bitter.

For those who find themselves faced with the prospect of divorce, separation or contact issues, speed and sensitivity are paramount. If you are experiencing any such difficulties or problems at home we are here to help. With our experienced team of family lawyers, we are equipped to deal with your problem, whatever it may be, with speed, efficiency and sensitivity at all times. We offer a free initial consultation and fixed fees because we are mindful of the current economic difficulties most people are faced with.

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