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McHale and Co Personal Injury Solicitors are always available InCase you need them

McHale and Co Personal Injury Department have adapted to their clients' needs by implementing a system of work which allows the client to see where their case is up to at any time of the day.

The InCase application enables McHale and Co's personal injury solicitors to manage communications with clients via their smart phone or tablet, thereby also allowing clients to track their case if they are abroad.

The Application which can be downloaded for free provides clients with the means to remotely sign documents, entirely negating the requirement for an on-paper process. This also means that the client always has a record of correspondence between them and their solicitor.

Andrew McHale believes that the App will simplify the process for clients. "We are responding to the way clients consume Personal Injury services by getting an App for their convenience. A client is sent instructions how to download the App and if they choose to use it they can track their case with literally the touch of a button. This speeds up the process for both the client and solicitor. The client can still call up the solicitor if they want but in most instances they will not need to as they can find most of the information about their case and where it is up to online."

McHale and Co have specialist solicitors who can act for you in any area of personal injury or medical negligence law. If you have been in an accident or have been the victim of medical malpractice please call 0161 928 3848.

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