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Residential Building Extensions and Renovations

Housing renovations and extensions carried out on your home, are often one of the most important and expensive investments you will make.

In order to reduce the risk of bad workmanship, it is important to contract a builder with a good reputation and suitable insurance. However, this is not always enough to avoid all of the potential problems and pitfalls.

Ensuring that you and your builder are crystal clear as to exactly the materials to be used, the work to be done, the methods used to carry it out, the time it will take, the cost of the materials and the cost of the labour, is crucial. Clarifying this, by a clear agreement, will make the process more stress free and reduce the chance of a dispute.

Although most builders have insurance for events beyond their control, most do not have insurance which covers their own defective workmanship. If something like this happens, you may even need to contract another builder, which could lead to costs spiralling.

We draft contracts between customers and builders, the content and price of which can be tailored to the job. A building contract is, put simply, an agreement to carry out building work in return for payment.

Paul Fitton litigation solicitor comments "A formal contract, unlike a simple handshake, covers in detail the arrangements of a building project. Example terms include, the stages at which you should pay the builder (and, of course, how much), along with procedures for how to deal with extra costs, project scheduling, potential overruns and many other things such as purchasing materials, site safety and so on. A formal contract of this kind gives you transparency and clarity unlike an informal contract. The contract can be easily referenced if there is a dispute. There are numerous horror stories of cowboy builders but with a formal contract there is very little wriggle-room for a builder to sway from the agreed terms."

If a dispute does occur, we can offer practical and legal advice as to the best way to resolve it. We work closely with experts, who can quickly assess the quality of the works, in order nip the matter in the bud and, ultimately, save you time and money.

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