McHale & Co opens its doors to the Russian Presidential Programme’s business delegates

25th Apr 2019

This Thursday, 14 November 2013, we will open our doors to the Russian business delegates who are visiting the UK as part of the official Russian Presidential Programme.

The Programme was set up over 10 years ago to facilitate the development of Russian professional personnel training in line with the recognised western standards. “It is important that our personnel are trained in western countries”, said President Vladimir Putin during his meeting with the Russian business managers in 2002. “There are a lot of prospects in Russia. And we sincerely hope that these prospects will be in good hands”, he continued.

The Programme enables the key personnel in the business to gain the necessary knowledge and experience of the varying business structures and management styles across the western world, which can then be applied in the Russian management context. Equally, the Programme naturally promotes the business partnerships between Russian and, in particular, the UK businesses.

Our Associate Solicitor Maria Udalova-Surkova will be speaking to the delegates about the nature, structure and set-up of businesses in the UK and how McHale & Co can assist in bringing a business idea to a fully-formed legal business entity operating in the UK.

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