Polish Businesses and Workers’ Seminar

25th Apr 2019


Our Polish Solicitor Marta Grzelak played a starring role in the recent Polish Businesses and Workers’ Seminar which took place in Rotherham.

Marta was invited to speak to Polish business leaders and Polish workers looking to invest in property in the UK.

Also speaking at the seminar were Slawomir Swierczynski, entrepreneur and investor; the owner of several real properties in the UK which he bought without a deposit. He also runs his own company ‘Dom w UK’ and Slawek Muturi, investor and traveler, financially free. He has got a large portfolio of real properties.

Each speaker was involved in a question and answer session from the delegates attending and the rest of the evening was spent networking.

The event was a huge success with television and radio crews there reporting on the night’s events. 

To see the stars of the show please follow the link here.

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