Commercial Law

Supply of Goods and Services

When entering into contracts for the supply of goods and/or services, it is extremely important for both contracting parties to have a clear picture of what is expected of them. It is especially important from a commercial perspective - the parties need a clear plan regarding the cost, nature and extent of the goods and services, as well as protection with regard to any dispute under the contract.

Seeking the right legal advice

Depending on the level of exposure your business may face when entering a contract, you may wish to obtain legal advice regarding the drafting or review of a proposed contract. There are many standard supply of goods and services contracts available. However, in order to ensure the contract meets the specific needs of the agreement and the contracting parties, you should seek legal advice.At McHale and Co we are experienced in advising on and drafting all types of supply of goods and/or services contracts. We draft and review contracts with a commercial approach and ensure they enable our client to achieve their desired outcome.

Get in touch

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