McHale & Co assists in successful acquisition of public house 

Maria Udalova-Surkova, Commercial Property Partner at McHale & Co, has concluded the complex acquisition of a public house from Marston's. 


McHale & Co has helped a client to successfully acquire a public house, overcoming the complex nature of the purchase. Commercial Property Partner Maria Udalova-Surkova was able to conclude the acquisition from pub retailing business Marston's, despite the client coming under persistent pressure from the seller to complete the deal.

How we helped

Maria, who has vast experience in dealing with purchases of this nature, having succeeded in similar acquisition and disposal deals involving Punch Taverns, Admiral Taverns and Enterprise Inns, was able to use her extensive knowledge of this area of law to ensure this complicated transaction was concluded with swiftness and efficiency.

The purchase was made increasingly complex due to various factors, including the fact the client was relying heavily on obtaining finances from a private bank, while at the same time coming under pressure from the seller to ensure the deal was concluded. In addition, the bank had its own legal team, who were particularly meticulous with regard to due diligence - all adding pressure on the speed and outcome of the deal.

The client was also required to raise additional funds for the VAT element of the transaction. This was due to the restructuring of the deal, orchestrated by the seller. However, Maria was able to successfully secure the funding ahead of the completion deadline by compiling a professional and effective report, which was sent to the bank's solicitors.

The outcome

With the help of Maria's efficient approach, the purchase of the pub was completed with expert precision and in great time, much to the satisfaction of all parties involved. 

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