Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation

Partnership Disputes

A good partnership agreement will provide for dispute resolution and show the circumstances where a partnership, whether traditional or LLP, can be dissolved. However, this only works if the partners are willing to effectively agree how they will part and who is entitled to what.

Types of partnership disputes

At McHale & Co, we have dealt with a variety of disputes between partners, including:

  • Breach of duties

  • Unfair profit share

  • Unsatisfactory performance

  • Breach of the partnership agreement

  • Issues in dissolution

The most practical and cost-effective way of avoiding and dealing with disputes is to ensure the partnership agreement is suited to those involved. However, due to the nature of business and the emotions involved, disputes are not usually resolved amicably.

How McHale & Co can help

We appreciate the need for a practical, commercially focused and cost-effective approach to partnership disputes, and will actively steer clients in the right direction. Methods of dealing with a dispute include:

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Adjudication

  • Court proceeding

If you have a partnership dispute, it is advisable to seek advice at the earliest opportunity. Please contact our commercial litigation solicitors today by calling 0161 928 3848, or by filling in the contact to the right of this page.