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Product Liability

The two most fundamental concerns for businesses, once they have negotiated the price and quantity of a product they have purchased, is that the product is of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. The Sales of Goods Act 1979 applies these two terms into all sales of goods contracts. If goods are not of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose, you have a cause of action to seek redress.

What is product liability?

The goal of product liability is to ensure that consumers are protected from faulty and defective products that they have been sold from a retailer or other business. A product is anything that can be bought or sold and includes anything from toy dolls to tarmac. Products are considered to be defective if they do not meet reasonable expectation when they were supplied.

Examples of product liability claims

There are many products that can be deemed inappropriate. The most common include:

  • Faulty toys

  • Unsafe electrical equipment

  • Mislabelled products

  • Contaminated products

If a product is defective, and it affects your ability to provide or sell services and products, you have the right to seek recompense from the supplier and/or manufacturer of the product.

Product liability advice from the experts

At McHale & Co, we provide commercially sound and cost-effective advice to obtain the recompense you deserve. There are various options with regards to recovery and we will sit down with you in order to discuss your circumstances and identify the best one for you. We pride ourselves on being proactive and forthright in putting client's in the position they want to be in.

If you have concerns regarding a product you have been sold and would like advice on how you can seek redress, please contact us by filling in our enquiry form on the right-hand side of this page, or by calling 0161 928 3848 now.