Dispute Resolution & Commercial Litigation

Director and Shareholder Disputes

It is crucial for  a director and/or shareholder to ensure that the company’s articles of association are fit for its circumstances and needs. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid disputes, but ensuring that the organisation’s articles are on the right footing to deal with them will save time and expense.

Types of director and shareholder disputes

Disputes can be highly emotive, and may result in damage to the business. They arise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Breach of duty

  • Payment of dividends to shareholders

  • Professional relationship breakdown

  • Removal of directors or partners

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Insolvency

The most cost-effective and practical starting point, when a dispute arises, is to understand your legal rights and obligations within the framework of the company.

How we can help

At McHale & Co, we are experienced in settling disputes between directors and/or shareholders, and can offer commercial, practical and clear advice for finding a resolution. Our team will carefully consider the articles of association, who has control of the board, who has control of shareholder meetings and all other relevant aspects, and will provide you with information on your rights, obligations and options.

Our commercial litigation solicitors have practical experience of mediation and, therefore, can advise you from the beginning to conclusion of your dispute. Some disputes are not suitable for mediation and will have to be resolved through the courts - we can support throughout.

If you have any dispute in a company context and would like to discuss, please contact us today by calling 0161 928 3848. Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on the right-hand side of this page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.