Case Studies

McHale Client Wins £300,000+ in Interest Rate Hedging Product Case

We were instructed by a Chinese restaurant,  who was sold an Interest Rate Hedging Product by one of the four major banks.

The product caused losses of over £400,000 for the restaurant. The restaurant’s product was considered under the Financial Conduct Authority review. Unfortunately, initially, the bank determined that the product had not been mis-sold and offered no redress.

Our client then instructed us to challenge the decision. We obtained all of the relevant documents from the bank, undertook a full review of them and took our client’s instructions in order to establish the factual chronological pattern as accurately as possible. We then applied the facts to the regulatory standards to which the bank must abide, namely, the conduct of business rules, published by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In doing so, we identified several aspects of the sales process which did not comply with the regulatory standards and were therefore able to make submissions to the bank as to why the product was mis-sold.

Upon reviewing the challenge the bank determined that the product was mis-sold and offered our client over £300,000 in compensation.

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