Club Services

At McHale Sports, we utilise our experience and expertise in the legal field to represent clubs to the very best of our ability. This sets us apart from other companies, as we add the professionalism and transparency of a law firm to our ethical approach to sports representation. The result is that clubs can depend on us to deliver a service that not only facilitates greater success on the pitch, but helps improve it.  

Our services

We offer a range of services and products to clubs keen for the best backing and representation when negotiating the various difficulties they encounter in their day-to-day running. These include: 

  • Contract Negotiation: Our legal background places us in the best position to help clubs get the outcome they want when it comes to contract negotiations.
  • Commercial Opportunities: We are well versed in negotiating the best deals and ensuring all is as it should be, making us the perfect choice for helping you take advantage of the right commercial opportunities.
  • Media and Communications Assistance: How a club is presented by the media and perceived by the public is of the utmost importance. We can therefore guide you in the right direction, ensuring only the right messages are sent out.

Our personable approach, coupled with our great contacts and enviable record of successful deals, means we are the perfect choice for representation for both clubs and players alike. Our well-connected, young and enthusiastic team has the know-how and drive to make sure you get the right outcomes every time.

Get in touch  

Call us today on 0161 928 3848 to find out more about our excellent club and player services, or simply fill in the online enquiry form here. With offices across the Manchester area, we are the ideal choice for not just clubs in the North West, but the whole country.