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Player Services

At McHale Sports, our sole aim is to enable our clients to perform to the best of their ability throughout their sports career. We understand that a sports career is relatively short, and therefore aim to make it as successful off the pitch as on it.

Our experience and hard work ensures an industry-leading level of service that includes:

  • Contract Negotiation - We make the most of our legal knowledge and experience to negotiate the best possible contract for our clients. This helps to ensure their talent and hard work is suitably rewarded.
  • Commercial Opportunities - Our many links with leading brands enable us to positively build a client's profile and maximise their earning potential. Commercial opportunities will be sought for each client from our pool of contacts.
  • Lifestyle Management - We can manage the day-to-day activities of the client so they can concentrate solely on performing to the best of their ability.
  • Financial Management - McHale Sports offers a bespoke wealth management programme, ensuring our clients are as secure in their non-playing future as they are during the peak of their career.
  • Legal Package - We also offer all our clients a fully inclusive legal package. This means our clients can benefit from a one-stop shop for all their legal needs. Whether buying or selling a house, making a will or dealing with traffic offences, our clients will have dedicated 24-hour access to the services included in their package.
  • Media & Communications Training - By working alongside leading industry professionals, we ensure our clients are comfortable and at ease with the demands of dealing with the press. We also offer fully comprehensive social media training to make sure they know how best to present themselves online.

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Thanks to our prime location in Manchester city centre, North and South Manchester and Cheshire, we are easily accessible to sportspeople across the North West and the rest of the UK. If you are a professional sportsperson and require legal help, simply call us on 0161 928 3848 or complete the form here