Civil Litigation

Breach of Contract

Contracts are one of the fundamental tools used by businesses and individuals as part of their operations. However no matter how well a contract is drafted, they can often be breached as a result of human and commercial realities. A breach of contract occurs when one or more of the parties involved does not honour a binding agreement.


There are two ways to remedy a breach of contract. These are:

  • The claiming of compensation for any loss or damage caused by the breach
  • The seeking of an order of the court for the contract, which is also referred to as specific performance

A compensation claim is the route usually taken, and our team of solicitors has the experience and expertise to help you come away with the amount you deserve.

Our services

As experts in dispute resolution and litigation we can advise you at a very early stage as to the best approach to take. This will often be to communicate accurately and openly as to the breach of contract and what remedy you desire.

In the event that an amicable solution is not reached, we have vast experience in issuing proceedings at court in order to get the outcome you desire. We proactively address issues of costs and prospects of success to put you in the best position to make the decision most appropriate for you and your business.

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