Case Study

McHale & Co saves Altrincham taxi firm £30,000

The team at McHale & Co has helped to reduce the owner of a taxi firm's potential liability by £30,000 after the company was embroiled in a contractual dispute with a systems supplier.


McHale & Co was instructed by a local Altrincham taxi firm in relation to a contractual dispute with the supplier of the radio equipment, computers and systems that assisted them in their work.

The owner of the business mistakenly believed that a contract had been entered into by his company and not him. Unfortunately, as he did not take legal advice at the time of entering into the contracts, it was apparent that he and not his company had entered into them.

The provider issued proceedings at court and claimed in the sum of £40,000. Further, their costs - if the matter went to trial - would have been in the region of £20,000, and therefore our client faced liability of £60,000.

How we helped

We took our client’s instructions, analysed the documents and put forward a strong defence on behalf of our client, stating that it was in fact the company, and not him, who had entered into the contract. We therefore disputed that our client owed the amount claimed. However, we advised our client that he was more likely to lose the claim than win, and that he should therefore settle the matter.

The outcome

Our client accepted our advice and we successfully settled the matter for a far lesser sum than the amount claimed, and therefore reduced his potential liability by some £30,000. If our client had lost the case, then he may have had to make himself bankrupt - something we were very pleased to assist him in avoiding.

More information

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