Civil Litigation

Financial Disputes

Unfortunately, it is very easy for individuals to find themselves in a financial dispute. This can be for a whole host of reasons, and can be the cause of much distress. But whether you are owed money or somebody is trying to recover from you a debt that you do not owe, we are here to help.

Debt recovery

There are various legal options when it comes to debt recovery. These include:

  • Statutory demands
  • Bankruptcy petitions
  • Winding up orders
  • Issuing proceedings at court.

How we can help

We have experience in all areas of debt recovery and can therefore advise you of the most effective and value-for-money methods. Our team is well-versed in dealing with financial disputes of every type, so you can count on us to get you the outcome you desire. 

We are also able to advise you of any disputed debt recovery against you. By accurately assessing the basis of the debt and advising you accordingly, we will save you the most time and money possible in the circumstances.

Get in contact

So should you need to recover or are being chased for a debt, please call us to discuss.

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