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McHale & Co Solicitors have managed to secure future funding for a bionic hand for a client who lost 3 fingers in a horrific accident at work.

Solicitor, Nina Mahaffy, who specialises in accident at work and serious injury claims, took up the challenge to try and get a more functional prosthesis than the usual static device that her client had been supplied from the NHS.  After hours of research she sourced a company called Touch Bionics based in Edinburgh. Their ground breaking intelligent prostheses proved to be ideal in assisting Robert as he adapted to life without his right hand.

After lengthy negotiations with the Defendant, Nina was able to secure agreement with the employer’s insurers for initial funding for the Pro-digits™ device and the bionic hand was fitted in January 2011. Since then Robert has been able to start rebuilding his life after the horrendous injuries he suffered.

More recently negotiations with the employer’s insurers took place and Nina, assisting Stephen Grime QC, secured lifetime funding of the device as and when it requires replacement.  Other losses were also agreed to be met by the employer’s insurers which will make life much easier for Robert in the future.

Robert said “Thanks to McHale & Co I now have my hand back – I never thought that this would be possible. The device helps me in many ways which I did not think would be possible after the accident.”

Robert contacted McHale & Co Solicitors because of their strong reputation in the Polish community.  McHale & Co employs several Polish speaking staff including Marta Grzelak who is a qualified English Solicitor.