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We recently acted for a client who had suffered a still born birth as a result of the failing of the NHS Trust in charge of the mother’s care.

Our client was admitted to hospital following the development of pre-eclampsia in the latter stages of her pregnancy. She was admitted to hospital for observation and investigation. Whilst in hospital she developed an abnormal cardiotocograph tracing and shortly afterwards the baby sadly died.

Through our investigations it was established that due to the symptoms our client was presenting with, the Trust should have monitored our client in the early hours of the labour using the appropriate devices and tests to monitor both the mother and the foetal heart beat. Had this been done the Trust would have established when the baby first began to get distressed. If the necessary monitoring had been carried out at that stage then the decision should have been made to perform an emergency Caesarean section as it would have been clear that the baby’s life was in imminent danger. The Trust failed our client on both of these points and our client sadly lost her baby.

We were able to establish both breach of duty and causation in this emotional medical negligence case and secured compensation for our client.