Case Studies

Success in Fractured Mandible Clinical Negligence Claim

Adam Horner was recently successful in pursuing a clinical negligence claim in respect of a failure to diagnose a fractured mandible. The local Altrincham client had fallen and presented at the local A&E and was x-rayed but the x-ray was not carried out correctly nor reviewed by a senior member of staff. The client was still in considerable pain and went to another Hospital where it was then diagnosed that he had a fractured mandible but it was then too late to operate as the fracture had gotten worse.

We obtained evidence from an independent maxillofacial surgeon who confirmed our view that he should have been operated on within a few weeks of the injury and the delay caused him to have an extended recovery period. Adam was able to claim back the cost of the proposed private operation for the client and also amounts for his extended pain and suffering.

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