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Our Conveyancing team completes on a transaction in Sale involving two sales valued at just under £1,000,000

“Thank you so much Nicola and Natalie for all your effort and support over the last 6 months and especially yesterday. You have been amazing, putting up with my daily emails and helping us over the many hurdles. We didn't expect an easy ride, but didn't expect it to be so rough either. Thanks to you we have got through and it’s all worth it now we are here”

So why the praise and why do we think we go the extra mile?

This was a complicated conveyancing transaction involving two sales attached to a purchase between four people namely mother, father, daughter and son-in-law.  The purchase however was just shy of £1,000,000.00 and it was a purchase of part of two titles which consisted of a farmhouse and a conversion of a redundant barn into a residential unit with a granny annex.

Whilst the transfer was taking place of two titles, the sellers kept back some land and another residential house and also sold a parcel of land to a neighbour out of the two titles.

We worked on behalf of our clients over a 5 month period and along the way there were various complications including an issue on the local search which turned out to be an error on the part of the Local Authority and we also worked closely with a financial advisor on a late mortgage application.

On the final couple of days there was a last minute hitch with one of the buyers which nearly derailed the whole project but we managed to resolve the issue and the transaction proceeded as planned.

As you can see our client’s really appreciated all our efforts including the way we communicate and keep them updated.