A purchase is when you buy a property from an individual(s), a company, administrator, Executor or from a mortgagee in possession (when a property has been repossessed).

You will more likely than not have contacted an estate agent to establish contact with the seller and put forward any offers on the property. We liaise with the estate agent to ensure they are updated as to the progress of the purchase throughout the transaction.

Any deposits should be paid to us so we are able to send it to the seller’s solicitors on exchange of contracts.  They will hold this deposit in client account as stakeholder upon exchange of conrtracts until completion takes place.

We are required to undertake searches in respect of the property and the land it sits on. We do this for both you and your mortgagee and to identify any onerous conditions which may be attached to the property/land or its title/ownership which could affect resale. 

The timescales for completing a purchase of a property is usually 8-10 weeks after we have received your instructions, signed documents and payment for searches, and receipt of all contract papers from the seller’s solicitors if a mortgage offer is in place. You will need to liaise with your Financial Advisor to ensure that your mortgage offer is received promptly as we are unable to progress your purchase without the mortgage offer. You will also need a witness to sign a mortgage deed. This person can be anyone who is over 18 years old but they must NOT be a spouse, relative or partner. A neighbour or a work colleague could suffice.

If you have any children living in the property who are over 17 years old, they will need to sign a declaration of occupancy. This is a strict requirement of your mortgage lender.

We use our best endeavours to ensure that the purchase of your house completes. However, if for any reason a purchase is unable to complete, we may still make a charge to you representative of a proportionate amount in respect of work already undertaken.

Once all these steps have been undertaken and the purchase is complete, we’ll contact you to let you know the good news. You will need to contact the estate agent to collect the keys to your new home; don’t forget to book a removal company to help!

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