A sale is when a property owner sells their property to a buyer, either because they're moving properties or perhaps they're acting in their capacity of an executor.

The time it takes to sell a property depends very much on the buyer but we have dealt with sales which have taken place as quickly as 4 weeks from first instruction up and as long as 10 weeks.

Your property may be subject to a mortgage; we do not need you to contact your mortgage lender, we obtain a redemption figure from them for you and advise you of the total amount. To ensure you know where you're up to we'll send you a copy of the figure for your records. It's usual that the mortgage lender will include any charges for early redemption in this figure.

If you wish to sell any items in the property which you may not need if you are moving to another property, then simply include those items on the fixtures and fittings form we send you from the outset with a price you want for them.

Another reason for selling a property could be because you are separating or divorcing your spouse or partner. We are able to split the proceeds of the sale between the two parties provided we receive bank details of both parties.

If you have someone living in the property who is not an owner or on the mortgage, then they must sign the contract to say they will move out of the property on completion of the sale.

If you want to sell a property please contact us. We only require your mortgage account number, any title deeds (which you may have from when you bought the property), and any documents relating to the property such as gas certificates, FENSA or NHBC documents.

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