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Individual Personal Debt

  • Do you have Individual Personal debt? 
  • Are you receiving demands from Credit Card / Loan Company’s? 
  • Are you receiving stressful letters/ phone calls / emails / text messages from debt recovery agencies, and you don’t know who they are, as they claim the original debt has been assigned to them from the original lender? 
  • Have you received Court documents? 


If the answer to any of the above is yes then we can help, especially if Court proceedings have commenced, and you are in danger of receiving a County Court Judgment, and if you are a home owner a charging order.


Litigation can be expensive however our low fixed fee service means we can provide a cost effective service before or after proceedings have commenced. There are different processes depending on the claimed value of the debt and a lot of matters can actually be settled out of Court.


We are different to other law firms or companies that claim to be able to write your debt off. We challenge demands in a unique way. Our specialist solicitors have years of experience and know the procedures inside out.


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