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Failing to Stop or Failing to Report an Accident

This is a complicated area of law. Many people are unaware of the how seriously the Courts take such offences.

If damage has been caused to another person or their property, you must stop and provide your full details to the injured party/the owner of the damaged property. You must supply your name and address and the name and if it’s not your vehicle, address of the owner of the vehicle you were using. In the case of an injury you also have to report the matter to the Police "as soon as reasonably practicable" but in any event, within 24 hours. If you don’t do these things You could be prosecuted for failing to stop and failing to report, regardless of whether you are to blame for the accident.

Each offence can result in an instant driving ban. However in most circumstances result in a means tested fine up to £2,500 and between 5 and 10 penalty points. But that should not be expected; the Courts have given driving bans before and there's no predictability as to when they will or won't give a driving ban again.

The common problems that occur are where drivers don’t stop because;

  • It’s impractical to do so, like when one clips a vehicle's wing mirror on a busy road
  • The driver believes that no damage has occurred because they have checked the "damaged" vehicle, or
  • The driver is completely unaware that an incident has occurred.

Because of the hefty points penalty for a conviction it is worth taking advice on these matters early. We have successfully defended many motorists in relation to such offences. If you want advice on your options and potential outcomes, please contact us here.  We offer a fixed fee service; what we quote is what you pay.