McHale & Co case features in BBC One documentary

BBC One documentary Motorway Cops has featured a case in which Matt Bell, Partner at McHale & Co, assisted police officers injured while carrying out their duties.


Thursday saw the return of Motorway Cops on BBC One, a series following police pursuit drivers in the West Yorkshire area. It featured a high speed chase involving numerous police vehicles, ending in two of the police vehicles being rammed. Matt Bell, Partner at McHale and Co has for many years acted for police officers injured in the line of duty and was contacted by all of the officers involved in order for him to assist.

How we helped

Private intensive rehabilitation was immediately arranged by Matt for all three officers in order to assist them in getting back on the front line as quick as possible. A claim for injuries was submitted on behalf of each officer to the compensating insurer, resulting in personal injury payouts for all three.

Matt says: "People often forget that police officers regularly put their lives on the line to protect us and in this instance, had they not boxed the offending vehicle in, the driver could have easily killed somebody. He had turned off his lights in a poorly lit, busy, residential area and was doing speeds of upwards of 80 miles per hour.

"I have dealt with these types of claims for many years with officers choosing not to go to the solicitors recommended by the Police Federation because of the service they receive from us."

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