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We were approached in 2008 by a client in Lincoln who had been involved in a nasty accident at work.  The client was a vehicle mechanic and he had fallen down an inspection pit in the garage he worked. He landed on his right leg causing a severe fracture to the talus bone in his foot/ankle.

Typically the client was taken to hospital and underwent an operation for internal fixation with screws, pins and plates.  He was discharged home to recover but unfortunately he was left with a permanent disability in his ankle. He now permanently walks with a walking stick and on a particularly bad day he requires two walking sticks.  The client was 34 years old at the time of the accident. As you can imagine, his permanent disability has put a kibosh on returning to his job as a mechanic or any other job that require any manual handling and/or manual labour. 

Having been a mechanic for nearly 10 years, there were real issues in the case as to what career or work the client could undertaken. It was agreed with the Defendant Solicitors’ that they would fund some occupational rehabilitation and as a result the client found the confidence to return to college to obtain an NVQ Level in Teaching Assistance. The client even arranged work experience at a local school to assist him with his course and to enable him to start moving on with his life.

Despite some considerable areas of disagreement in relation to future treatment, care and career prospects, we managed to secure a hefty settlement for the client in excess of £380,000.00.

The client is thrilled with the settlement and is looking forward to moving into his new one storey property with his wife and 4 children.