Case Studies

Case taken on by McHale & Co

A year ago we were approached by a father of five year old girl from the South of England who had been hit by a lorry on a pedestrian crossing. As a result of the accident the girl has suffered horrific injuries to her legs below the knees which required multiple operations and grafting of the skin. At the time there was still a danger of amputation and substantial loss of muscle in both of her legs.

The father advised that another firm of Solicitors had rejected their claim on the basis that the lay witnesses to the accident seemed to have had an impression that ‘there was nothing that the driver of a lorry could have done’. We still decided to review the claim and came to a conclusion we would fight for her. Our views were subsequently backed by a barrister and we firmly believe that we will win her case and help her to move on in life.

Malcolm Horner, Fellow of APIL and Wojtek Gorski are proud to be working on the case for her.