Group Compensation Claims

While the majority of personal injury claims relate to injury or illness affecting one person, sometimes an incident can impact a number of people, all of whom are entitled to make a claim. The experienced team at McHale & Co is able to take on both individual and group claims, and for the latter we can bring together those who have suffered to make their individual cases that much stronger.

To find out more about how we can help with group claims, contact us today on 0161 928 3848 or allow us to get in touch with you by completing the online enquiry form on this page. We are a forward-thinking law firm and are not afraid to take on difficult cases and try new approaches to get the right outcome for you. Our 'can do' attitude ensures we are proactive and optimistic when pursuing your claim.


The different types of group claims

Group claims can take many different forms. Some are large-scale, headline-making events, while others can relate to much smaller incidents. Examples of different types of group claims include:

  • Transport crashes
  • Outbreaks of food poisoning
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Working environments causing ill health
  • Chemical spillages


Why claim as part of a group?

Making a group claim can have various benefits over going it alone, not least that you have other people in the same boat who can support you as you go through what can be a difficult time. This support can be invaluable as you progress with your claim and seek to get that to which you are entitled.

With the right legal advice, a group claim becomes all the more stronger, giving you the very best chance of getting the outcome you are after. Group claims tend to be of a very serious nature, sometimes involving fatalities. The effect of these incidents can change lives forever, so it is imperative those affected are given the right advice and can depend on the right representation to get them back on track.


We can help

At McHale & Co, we have the skill and experience to take on group compensation claims and achieve the best outcome for all of our clients. We understand the devastating effect on lives that can result from serious incidents, which is why we are committed to helping our clients in a sensitive and professional way, providing the support they need to get them through what can be a particularly difficult time.


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