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McHale & Co successfully petitions bankruptcy to help family move on 

A family has been able to move on with their lives after McHale & Co successfully petitioned for bankruptcies following losses made in the 2008 economic crash.


McHale & Co was instructed by a husband and wife from the Republic of Ireland who had invested in a small amount of property in the Dublin area prior to the economic crisis in 2008. Unfortunately, and through no fault of their own, they were caught up - as so many individuals were - in the crash, which affected Ireland more severely than most places in the world.

Our clients moved to the Manchester area with their children to make a fresh start. However, the mortgage companies and banks in Ireland that had charges over their properties - which, incidentally, had no equity in them - would not come to an arrangement to discharge them from their mortgages. It was therefore impossible for our clients to move on with their lives.

How we helped

Our clients therefore instructed us to petition, on their behalves, for their bankruptcy. As our clients had previously resided in Ireland and their assets were there, we advised them they had to establish that their 'centre of main interests' was in England and Wales, not Ireland.

We took our clients' substantive instructions and advised them as to exactly what actions they should take and what documents they should provide in order to establish that their centre of main interests was in England and Wales, in order to allow them to successfully petition for their bankruptcy here.

The outcome

We successfully petitioned the Court in Manchester for their bankruptcies. Our clients would discharge from their bankruptcies after one year, and they and their children were then able to move on with their lives.

More information

Should you require assistance or advice in respect of applying for your bankruptcy, whether you have moved from another EU State or not, please contact us on 0161 928 3848 or at  for a free 30 minute consultation. Alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.