How the social care changes can affect your Will

24th Nov 2021

There is lots of noise in the press at the moment about social care fees and whether a cap will be introduced.  The current information we have is […]

Your pet and your Will

29th Mar 2021

It’s not a surprise that the number of households which now own a pet has increased dramatically in the last 12 months. Over £2 million families welcomed an […]

You’re never too young to need a Will

26th Mar 2021

It took me a long time after I qualified as a Solicitor to follow my own advice and put a Will in place and I’m sure I am […]

Co-habiting couples – make sure you have a Will in place!

24th Mar 2021

There are over six million unmarried couples cohabiting in the UK, a figure which has likely increased significantly since the onset of the pandemic. A recent research study […]

Mud on the Road

18th Feb 2021

As the weather starts to improve and the daylight hours lengthen, we will all be getting back on our bikes and heading out to the countryside for some […]

New Work Permits for English Football

31st Dec 2020

The English transfer window opens on Saturday 2nd January however the eligibility of European players being able to play in the English football leagues has dramatically changed. This […]

2020 – The year named twice

31st Dec 2020

2020 the year named twice ….twice as bad as any other year or an opportunity to think about the year with two perspectives? This year has been a […]

Coronavirus Impact on Games

31st Dec 2020

Coronavirus – is there a chance the Premier League will not be played out or is there a further threat to the Euros? As we move into 2021 […]

Couples and Lasting Powers of Attorney

6th Nov 2020

The recent news articles about presenter Kate Garraway reminded me how important it is to get Lasting Powers of Attorney in place for couples.  You may be aware […]

Landlord & Tenant Update

15th Sep 2020

The Covid pandemic continues to cause problems across the country and the residential rental sector is no exception, whether you are a landlord or tenant. Should you need […]

Surely Public Liability Insurance should be compulsory

8th Jul 2020

It is compulsory for a car user to have motor insurance and in the event they cause an accident, their insurance pays for the damage and compensates any […]

Probate – Can I do it myself?

18th Jun 2020

It has recently been well publicised that applications for a grant of probate can now be submitted by individuals online. We have found that this, along with the […]

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