DIY Divorce

3rd Dec 2020

You may have read in the Times this week that recent research has found that in the past five years, ‘DIY Divorces’ has risen from 35% to 57% and such a rise is understandable due to The Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 removing financial support for the majority of family law cases.

To clarify, a ‘DIY Divorce’ is a way for individuals to represent themselves within divorce proceedings, making it, on the surface, a cheaper and easier way to settle a divorce. However, divorce disputes require big decisions to be made regarding the most critical matters in life, including finances and children’s future care. This makes appointing a solicitor’s help in the proceedings recommendable, as it undoubtedly lessens the risk and stress of unforeseen complications regarding finance and custody.

Coming up with a financial agreement is a complex task with many variables that need to be considered. There is nothing more worthwhile than the security of having the knowledge of all the implications of your agreement made clear to you. Moreover, we understand from first-hand experience that navigating the process alone can be daunting, and not all decisions between partners can be made amicably, making it beneficial to receive expert legal advice for a smooth, less time-consuming divorce process.

Here at McHale and Co, our solicitor’s can provide the clarity and assistance you deserve through your difficult time. Allowing you the confidence to look forward positively to the next chapter of your lives without the fear of difficulties arising in the future.


Victoria Richardson

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