Review of new portal for car accident claims by Jack Wright

14th Jan 2022

Since May of 2021, there have been changes in the way a standard road traffic accident claim is pursued. Initially, no matter the worth of the claim, you would proceed through the MOJ portal. However, since May 2021, if a claim is worth less than £5,000 it will proceed through what is now the Official Injury Claims portal.

I have been using this since the new changes were brought in. I have found it much more streamlined and easier to contact the insurers on the other side, since you can send messages and documents all in one place. Since everything is stored on one portal, a lot of time is saved. Yes, the claim itself may take longer but, when it comes to Client time, it is very efficient.

I am well used to this new system now and have assisted numerous clients through the process. We are still able to act on a no win no fee basis for clients who are in car accident claims despite a lot of law firms now refusing to act for clients.

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