Lockdown baby – make a Will!

30th Jun 2021

With the abundance of tasks and responsibilities that come with being a new parent, creating a Will is often the last thing on your mind. Yet, it is […]

Littlewoods Pools Empire and a Will Dispute

16th Jun 2021

In today’s Times there is an article referring to the distribution of the Will from a member of the family who started the Littlewoods pools empire.  The dispute […]

Digital Assets and your Will

22nd Jan 2021

When people think of the assets they might leave in a Will, digital assets are very often overlooked. A recent survey by the Law Society found that of […]

What do you do if you don’t have any family members to help you look after your finances?

11th Mar 2020

There may come a time when you are more than capable of looking after yourself but just struggle to deal with your own finances.  It may be that […]

Cold Feet and reviewing your Will

19th Feb 2020

By Philippa Wright, Head of Wills & Probate I don’t know if any of you are fans of Cold Feet the TV show?  Maybe it’s an age thing […]

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