Two Wheel Claims Bike Donations

18th Jan 2021

In the midst of COVID-19 the nation has been faced with countless hardships, however that hasn’t stopped the UK public in creating a silver lining, the revival of cycling, a clean, green mode of transport.

Whether promoted by the extra time to focus on prioritising physical health or the desire to take up a new hobby, bike sales have gone through the roof. As reported in The Times, Halfords said that there had been a 34.5 per cent rise in like-for-like cycling sales and it’s a habit that people will undoubtedly want to keep up with it being a fantastic activity both physically and environmentally.

With that being said, here at Two Wheel Claims, we are currently invested in providing Charities and NHS/Frontline workers with what can only be described as a fully working as good as New bike from donations of old ones.

Due to the surge in sales, there are more than likely additional old bikes in the back of garages collecting dust, ready to be given a new lease of life to new owners. At TWC, we will fully refurbish your old bikes to donate to charity (don’t worry about the condition as if they are beyond repair, we can always use the parts) in the aim to spread the joys of cycling to some of the hardest hit by the pandemic.

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