The promise of a breast cancer breakthrough from Sarah Harding charity.

29th May 2024

Photo Credit: MEN
Following Girls Aloud wowing local audiences on their reunion tour recently, here at McHale & Co. we are delighted to hear of great news coming from The Christie hospital in Manchester, a breast cancer charity set up in the name of the former Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding.

The former Girls Aloud singer passed away in September 2021 at the tender age of 39 and her dying wish was to set up a charity to research a way to spot signs of breast cancer earlier in younger women. It is still the leading cause of death in women under 50 and BCAN-RAY will help identify those most at risk so we can offer them breast screening to detect cancers earlier, when treatment is more likely to be successful.

Speaking about the importance of cancer research before her death, Sarah Harding said: “Research is incredibly important in the fight against cancer. Although this research may not be in time to help me, this project is incredibly close to my heart as it may help women like me in the future.”

Michelle Mitchell, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, said: “Even in the darkest days of her cancer journey, Sarah Harding was a fearless advocate for research. She bravely faced up to the pain the cancer caused her, undergoing treatment whilst thinking of ways to help other women in a similar position.

“Sarah’s dying wish was to help women like her. Through the power of cutting-edge science and research, we are starting to fulfil that wish and bring forward the day where all women can live free from the fear of breast cancer.”

750 women aged 30 to 39 who have not had breast cancer (and don’t have a strong family history of the disease) will be recruited through GPs, who contact potential participants to offer them the opportunity to take part in the research. The 250 women on the study who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer are recruited from The Nightingale Centre and breast oncology centres in Greater Manchester and Cheshire – including The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic and NHS staff shortages, as well as the strikes, cancer screening has been affected and resulted in backlogs for appointments. We are currently acting on behalf of a number of clients who could have been diagnosed earlier, if they had been able to attend for routine appointments. If you have been affected by any of the above issues, our expert team are on hand and available for you on 0161 928 3848 or

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