UK’s First Electric Bike Proficiency Scheme

2nd May 2023

We all know it can be daunting cycling through busy streets, especially in city centres. We see cases of people getting knocked off their bikes all too often and the injuries can be severe in some cases.

This is even more common in places like London where it can be a nightmare to drive around needing to pay multiple tolls and download 20 different apps for parking so cycling is becoming more and more attractive. Well, the UK is aware of this and have recruited the Netherland-based bike subscription firm Swapfiets to help, who are providing a free one-day course for an electric bike proficiency scheme which will be ran by cycling safety pros.

It will mask the form of a CBT course for motorcycling and has appropriately taken on the name CeBT (city e-Bike training course).

It is estimated that 67% of people do not feel comfortable riding in city centres due to fear of being hit by cars, becoming the victim of road rage and/or getting lost. However, 2,000 people have been surveyed and they found that at least one third of them wish to cycle more.

This course could help you do so. It will help you learn basic cycling safety i.e., signalling, emergency stops in closed areas etc. It also covers multiple areas of confidence, if you haven’t ridden since you were a child you can start at beginner and work your way up to intermediate which includes roundabouts and multi-lane roads.

The trial starts on 29th April from 11am-3pm and is being trialled in Shoreditch, with hopes that it is successful and possibilities of it branching out.

What makes it even better, is its free! Also, all participants will receive a one-month subscription for a Swapfiets Power 1 free of charge.

If you wish to learn more, I have included the link to obtain the free tickets below.

Swapfiets London Cycling School Tickets, Sat 29 Apr 2023 at 11:00 | Eventbrite

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