Knocked off your bike? What should you do?

5th Aug 2022

We have a huge amount of experience in dealing with personal injury claims, particularly bike accidents.

These steps should be taken if you have been in an accident

  1. Try to get as much detail from the driver offending vehicle such as their name, address, insurance details, registration number and make and colour of the car and a description of the person. If the driver doesn’t stop, try to take down as much about the vehicle and the driver as you are able to.
  2. Try to get pictures of the other vehicle and take pictures of the damage to your own bike. Take photos of anything that has been damaged, along with any photos of injuries you have sustained and the accident scene showing the position of the vehicles.
  3. Get contact details of any witnesses. If you were cycling in a group this will be easy but if not try other road users, pedestrians, or anybody about really.
  4. Contact the police within 48 hours to report the incident and keep the reference number handy.
  5. Keep as much evidence as possible – all of the above steps and then keep damaged items such as clothing and helmet.
  6. Contact TWC – we will get a bike mechanic out to price or repairs or replacement bike and they will then product a report. There is a time limit of 3 years to make a claim, but we recommend contacting us as soon as possible. If you have not been able to gather all the evidence mentioned above, don’t worry we can still assist. We work on a no win no fee basis, so you have nothing to lose.

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